Donald           Clymer

Teacher, Spiritual Director, Author

Translation of play from
Swiss German to English

I am currently working with Beat Müller of Rorbas, Switzerland, on the translation of his play Öpäso into English. The title translates roughly as Something Like That. 

The play follows the tradition of Ted&Co.'s Fish Eyes, which was translated into Swiss German by Müller. With his own play, Öpäso, Müller follows two disciples of  Jesus, Thomas and Matthew (Tom and Matt), as they explore the question "Did he really mean that?" about the hard sayings of Jesus from various Gospel passages. Like in the comedy of Ted&Co., there are lots of hilarious moments as the disciples try to overcome their confusion and misunderstandings. It is currently playing to delighted audiences in Switzerland as well as other German-speaking places. 

My life-long love of language, word plays and humor are making this project a delightful experience for me. It is indeed challenging, but when I am able to reach solutions to linguistic twists and turns, it makes the challenges worthwhile. I am very grateful to Esther, my wife, for helping me with idiomatic renderings in Swiss German. 

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