Donald           Clymer

Teacher, Spiritual Director, Author

Resources for Your Church
School or Business


Possibilities for Sunday schools, Bible schools, Sunday sermons, workshops:

  • Intercultural communication
  • Learning a second language
  • History and/or culture of Mexico
  • Culture of Switzerland
  • Celtic spirituality
  • Sermons on nearly any topic

Spiritual Director


  • Individual or group spiritual direction 
  • Retreats
  1. focus on men's issues 
  2. discernment 
  3. the Beatitudes
  4. custom-made for your organization
  5. Celtic spirituality
  • Dream analysis
  • Christian spiritual disciplines
  • Kenosis, Gelassenheit, self-emptying



  • Lessons from the Margins (from my beatitudes book)
    • Oh you poor soul!
    • Weeping over Jerusalem
    • Kenosis: Self-emptying
    • Holy longing for right relationships
  • The Spacious Heart: Room for Spiritual Awakening (from recently released book)
    • Letting my soul catch up with the rest of me
    • Rotten grain and filthy lucre
    • Where is your heart?
    • Getting over ourselves
    • I am a rock! I am an island! 
  • Discussions of various topics from articles published (see "Read Me/Articles" link)
  • Discussions of the art of writing and publishing
  • Creativity and spirituality