Donald           Clymer

Teacher, Spiritual Director, Author

The Spacious Heart:

   Room for Spiritual Awakening

by Donald R. Clymer and Sharon Clymer Landis

"From the confines of an anxious, cynical, and lonely culture emerges The Spacious Heart, guiding readers toward a centered, calm, and communal spirituality. Two Mennonite spiritual directors help readers learn how to tap the stories and experiences of others—the community—to discover the secrets of a deeper spiritual journey."

Chapter 1: Basking in the Presence of Divine Love

Chapter 2: Rotten Grain and Filthy Lucre

Chapter 3: In the Present Moment

Chapter 4: Lessons from the Weeds and the Flowers

Chapter 5  Invite your Demons to Tea

Chapter 6: What if She is a Crazy Mystic and Levitates or Something?

Chapter 7: Connecting Heaven and Earth With Open Hearts

Chapter 8: Where is Your Heart? 

Chapter 9: Getting Over Ourselves 

Chapter 10: When God Doesn’t Show Up 

Chapter 11: A Laughing Jesus 

Chapter 12: Letting My Soul Catch Up with the Rest of Me 

Also coming this fall!

Look for a chapter by Don in the soon-to-be-released book A Living Alternative.