Donald           Clymer

Teacher, Spiritual Director, Author

Meditations on the Beatitudes: Lessons from the Margins

Don Clymer’s Meditations are creative, thoughtful, and substantive. Clymer does a beautiful job of setting up a personal story for each meditation and then reflecting on the beatitude in question and the conflicting cultural value associated with it. This is excellent material for study groups.
— Dorothy Jean Weaver, Professor of New Testament, Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Each meditation brings life to the words of Jesus by confronting the comfortable assumptions middle-class North Americans hold about life, happiness, and the gospel.
— Orval Gingerich, Assistant Vice President, International Programs; and Director, Center for Global Education, Augsburg College
...has the potential to shape the character, values, and lifestyle of the reader, not just in an individual pietistic way, but with the aim of embodying the kingdom of God.
— Alex Suderman, Mennonite Brethern Herald

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